Saturday, August 5, 2006

I've Been Linked!:)

How very cool  I added  A Soldiers Perspective  back to my blogroll ( CJ had been going to end his blogging, and he instead started a coalition of bloggers) and I found out that he had added ME to his blogroll.(THANK YOU!:) I am in 7th heaven,LOL, as far as I know the only other blogroll's I'm listed in are Maria's Musings and Soldiers Angel-Holly Aho .

(Well, White Rose had my Yahoo blog linked on her old Yahoo 360 page , but that's only accessible by family and friends on Yahoo 360, and now White Rose has moved to the 'big leagues' of blogging:)

Sheesh, my own Sister and Brother-in-law don't even have me linked!(but they don't have ANYONE linked,lol, so that makes it easier to bear. And their focus is on their adoption journey,not sure I quite fit in there anyway:)

Well, I just wanted to share my 'geek excitement',lol..."things that make you go 'Wow!' on a Saturday" when you're sitting with your leg propped up because you MIGHT have a small blood clot, and fretting because you were SUPPOSED to start a new job this weekend! So I definitely am grateful for this link! I needed some good news.

My blog isn't gonna set the world on fire,lol, but I like writing this little journal and I enjoy sharing it.....maybe I'll get 4 or 5 readers now!!

Y'all have a good weekend!

Update: A new AOL journaler I came across via the message boards on AOL journals  Proud Army Wife   has me listed,too!!Yay! (and go check out her page:)      And oh my gosh, this humble little blog is also listed on Canadian Angels  blogroll.!:) Woo Hoo! My heartfelt thanks to everyone who thought my little effort here was worth saying "go take a look." 

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