Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weekend 'Surfing'

In another case of I just never quite know where I'll end up when I start "surfing" the Internet?

I started out on this site  Click here: Operation Just Cause Ring  that I came across from a post on a Yahoo 360 page  It says in part  The purpose of this ring is to establish and maintain an unbroken ring of remembrance pages of all our POW/MIA's, to include incident reports where available.

We want these heroes' stories told!

Rather than the POW/MIA bracelets that first appeared back in the sixties (and are STILL being worn today!) this is a symbolic bracelet, or ring, that will remain in place until they are all home or adequately accounted for.

Dose anyone else remember those POW/MIA bracelets from the Vietnam war? I had one,in the 70's(showing my age now) but sadly,it has gotten lost over the years,and I no longer recall the name that was on mine.

In keeping with the 'remembrance' theme,the other night when I was surfing through blogs listed on the 2,996 blog, I came across a comment from someone who said "I wonder if anyone would do this for all the fallen soldiers in the current war?"  While this person has obviously never seen

there are also many other tributes to our fallen warriors out there. A Google search  for "honoring the fallen" yielded 2,070.000 results.
Speaking of soldiers, I have been remiss, in not directing you sooner over by Contact Right to ask y'all to please give Elijah a word of encouragement, as he is facing surgery again.
Continuing my surfing,I went by A Soldiers Perspective ,where I found this and wanted to pass it on 
And then, I don't quite remember how I got there (lol,"lost" on the internet again) but I came across this letter by a father of a soldier
and y'all know I wholeheartedly endorse his message!!
And while emailing with the writer of The Thin Blue Line the other day, I came across this link 
which motivated me to do another Google search ,lol(can you tell I love Google? I need to buy some stock, I think:) for "soldiers and beef jerky",of all things!  Because, you may or may not know this, but beef jerky is one of THE most requested items by soldiers to be sent in care packages.
Well, for MOST soldiers,LOL.  Because one of the results of the search, to my surprise and delight, was a link to an archived posting of something that I first came across as THE GOLDEN RULES OF CARE PACKAGES. It was written in 2004 by my old friend JP Borda of, on his now defunct blog that he had while he was in Afghanistan.
You may recall, I have said that I read this posting right after I signed up for Soldiers Angels and I emailed JP in a complete and utter panic,lol (I apparently don't understand at all the meaning of the word 'satire':) and said "Oh my gosh, I have SENT some of these things!" and he emailed me back and said "It's just a joke, keep doing what you are doing, we appreciate your support."
So,I couldn't end this surfing post without posting the link to this. Any long time troop supporter, I think, will get a smile out of it:) and any one considering sending something to the troops? It's SATIRE:) Like JP said in his email to me all those years ago, they appreciate what we send!


dancingcowgirl2 said...

I appreciate all your time and effort that you put into supporting our troops!  You list some wonderful web pages and great resources.  Thank you so much.  I look at your site every day to see what's new.  Your a great asset to our military community!  Teresa

kasee267 said...

Thank you!!!:)  And hey, y'all can visit Teresa's journal, PROUD ARMY WIFE, at