Sunday, August 6, 2006

Soldiers Angels Care Pages

Check Out Soldiers' Angels CarePages

From the Soldiers Angels forums I'm combining two posts from SA
News & Updates(since we first experienced a little "technical difficulty" getting to the Message Boards on the CarePages) to let you know
 about a new feature for folks to stop by and leave words of encouragement for wounded/recovering/ill soldiers.(These pages are
 set up much like the CaringBridge pages I've frequently mentioned.)

 "Hi Angels,

My name is Brenda Love and I am the new Soldiers' Angel Care Page Coordinator!
I also help Bonnie Averett with the wounded Heroes in Texas.

CarePages  is a wonderful new site we have been given the opportunity to use. What we do on this site is share with our readers the many
"hills and valleys" our wounded and ill Heroes are traveling with their families. We follow their progress as they recover and learn how they need our support.

We also have a place for you on our Message Board to leave messages of support and encouragement to each soldier. As we build our site I will keep you posted weekly on new Hero additions.

Unitl Next Week...........Angel Hugs! Very Happy Soldier Brenda"

(Once you click on the link above, you will have to register and log

in to be able to visit a CarePage.After you are registered and logged in,

Click on "Visit a Care Page"...)

and type in  NavalHeroJustin   .Justin's story is one of battling cancer(his story and the Bone Marrow Drive for him have been featured on numerous blogs, including  Blackfive )  When you're on the page,

please leave a message of support on the "Message Board" on his page for Justin and his family.

And then, while you're visiting, please go check out the page for   benhardgrove  (who has been mentioned  before on this blog  )

and you can leave a message for Ben and his family on his page,also!
I'm really excited to see  Soldiers Angels  teaming up with
CarePages , and hope y'all will take the time to stop by and leave
some encouraging words  for these soldiers!!
And something cool about these pages I just realized? Once you visit a page, you'll receive an email to your registration email address whenever that page is updated!!
And please check back on the Soldiers Angels forums   in
 another week,to see the name Brenda will have posted then  



stevietwain said...

Hi, I respect all the good that you do!! Great stuff!

Lv Stevie

kasee267 said...

Thank you,Ste!:) What a nice thing to say. I'm only one of many,however...and I usually think of myself as more of a 'pointer',LOL, saying ...hey,go look at this! Go look at that!