Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Tuesday 'Surfing'

Starting off with yet another gratuitous pic from our 2003 Hawaii vacation (which is the whole reason I started the 'surfing' post idea anywayjust because I love sharing the pics!) I'm going to try and squeeze a post in before I make supper (for everyone else in the house) before I leave for work. Only two more days at this job! and then I switch to a better shift,yay!

First up, the BearCreekLedger has an update on the Camp Pendleton 8.

And you'll be able to tell I had some time yesterday to visit a lot of blogs,lol. T.F.Boggs has a very thoughtful post about folks who say they "support the troops but not the war",please check it out 
I wanted to post that Kat at Yikes! is posting updates on some friends of hers who are at Walter Reed for surgery,here's one of the latest updates 
and you can go through her other posts to find out more. And I'd like to ask that you please keep both Norris and Janis, and also my uncle, in your prayers on Thursday, as they are both having surgery that day. Thank you!
Bruce has his new weekly post up, I just love reading his weekly updates,but most of all the pictures!
And it's that time of year again....after reading milblogs for the past two years, this seems like deja vu, but we have some bloggers already home, like  Afghani Dan  (Welcome home!)
and some who are on their way home.
Charles from Destination Iraq is heading home, and had a Year in Review post back on July 15 which was a fascinating read.
Midnight in Iraq is also getting ready to head home (but I found someone in his comments who is heading over )
The thing about these guys heading home , while we are so glad they ARE coming home! is that a lot of them only blogged because they were there. So, as Just Another Thunderhorse Roughneck says in his post, they won't be continuing blogging after they return. After spending a year reading their blogs, I'm going to miss their 'voices'. But, I'm grateful for all they shared while they were deployed.
I'll just have to make changes to my blogroll, I suppose! One blogger who IS still there had both joy and sorrow recently.
And there is one group who ISN'T coming home, which I suppose many of you know about by now
This was a great blow to these men, and their families. I went by Anysoldier.com last night, and if you click on the Where To Send page, there's an email that suggests sending some extra support to these men. You can click on the "Click Here to Search Anysoldier.com Contacts' bar, and do a search for "Alaska" and scroll through the listings to find some of the addresses. And please continue to keep the men and their families in your prayers!
For 'new' blogs? JP over at Milblogging.com has the latest
 'Milblogger ofthe Week' up, and I highly recommend checking the blog out. 
Via Contact Right I clicked on the homepage of someone in his comments, and found another troop supporter.
Gazing at the Flag has some great posts up about her troop support journey.
And via a blogger I haven't mentioned before, Yankeemom , but have come across many times, comes a link to a video( Update) that I found time to watch after work tonight that is a MUST SEE.(Warning Graphic Images of Violence) I agree with what Yankeemom said, this is absolutely and utterly chilling....but should be seen! It's an hour long,but MAKE TIME to watch it!
Well, I believe that's more than enough places for y'all to 'surf' by and check out!
I would like to add that even though the boyfriend and I have not yet gone on a 'mission' with the Patriot Guard Riders , we have received many,many wonderful and warm words of welcome from other members. (And PLENTY of assurances that you DON'T have to have a bike to 'ride' with them!) So, if you're considering joining? Go ahead and do it!!
That's all for today! God bless our Troops!


therealslimemmy said...

i heard about the guys that are being extended.
i hope they do not end up doing that in the area tony is in.
i dont know what i would do with myself.
not to mention how he would feel
thanks for shaiding this info
have a good night

kasee267 said...

Thanks,Emily. Here's hoping they don't extend anyone else, this was majorly rough both for the 172nd AND their families.

And I hope anyone else reading stops by Emily's blog


She has one of THE most beautiful babies I have ever seen!! Those eyes!!:)