Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary AOL Journals! My Past 6 Months in J-Land

I only started my journal in March, but so much has happened to me since then!
On May 25, I was selected as a Guest Editor 
and that is when I really started to feel like a member of the "J-Land" community:) So many people stopped by to leave comments, and make me feel welcome!   Because I was Guest Editor, I got to 'meet'
and I also got to 'meet Leslie 
and I also,of course, got to meet Joe the Journals Editor, and even got him later on to feature my post about the 2,996 project  (not that I wanted him to feature my post, just the project!LOL) by sending him several emails!
Since I had the opportunity to be Guest Editor, I also got to feature some of the few military AOL journalers I had found, like Bruce   and Charles  (who is home now,HURRAY!)
Because I started paying attention after my own stint to each week's Guest Editor's, I also came across Maria  and  Myra   And,of course, I think EVERYONE now knows   Stevie  !!LOL after his go-round as Guest Editor:)
I know a lot of myfriends ask when I am going to get a 'real' blog? But, I like it here. You can meet other journalers on either the main
AOL Journals message board  or the J Land Bar and Grill  or just by doing 'searches' for journals that might interest you, and leaving comments on journals you like:)
Since becoming a journaler in J-Land, I have learned how to use hyperlinks,how to do 'tagging', how to post pictures,how to link my Instant Messenger to my journal,and just yesterday, thanks to Sepintex, I FINALLY was able to put a Flickr badge in my "All About Me" section,YAY!!:)
So, I'm very happy to be here. Being an AOL journaler has enabled me to grow, and learn, and to meet some great folks, and most of all it's enabled me to use this journal to get the word out about my favorite topic, supporting the troops!
Thanks! AOL Journals, and HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY!!
(For lots more about what's going on for the Anniversary, check out AOL Journal Editor's Joe's blog here )or you can click on the 'tag' below,to surf all the journals joining the celebration:)


therealslimemmy said...

i'm glad to have met you too
happy 3rd j land !

stevietwain said... hat goes off to ya hun!!



mmartinez07 said...

Just popping in to wish you a Happy J-Land Birthday!