Monday, August 14, 2006

Sign a Giant VFW 'Thank You' card for troops at Walter Reed

Let's thank our troops at
Walter Reed Medical Center.

In just a few short weeks, we’ll mark the 5th Anniversary of September 11th… the day America’s "war on terror" began. Thank the men and women who have left their families and homes to defend freedom around the world. Honor these heroes who have already sacrificed so much.

Sign the VFW’s Thank You Card for our troops wounded in the war on terror.

VFW will deliver the giant "Thank You" Card to Walter Reed Medical Center on September 11th to let these brave men and women know that we have not forgotten them and we are deeply grateful for their sacrifices.

We need all signatures by August 23rd in order to deliver the card on September 11th.

Every signature means so much, so please pass this on to help us deliver the biggest "Thank You" Card ever.

And thank you for supporting our troops and veterans.


Received this as an email forward today,,the link from the email is here

Please consider signing the card!!!   And then the link to pass the message on is also here

What a nice way to both honor the memories of all those lost on Sept.11, and remind our wounded troops at Walter Reed that we are grateful for their service to our country,and what that service has cost them.


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