Thursday, August 31, 2006

As Sept. 11 nears....

I have been remiss in not mentioning sooner that the 2,996 tribute reached their goal of assigning the names of all the victims to be honored by bloggers on Sept.11,2006  Click here: 2,996 » Cloud 2,996 

In other news as Sept. 11 approaches, I saw this story when I got online this afternoon 

and that led me to 'Google' the names of the three firefighters in the photo. Which led me to find out some things I didn't know. One being that the three firefighters in the photo started ..."a charitable organization dedicated to benefiting members of the FDNY, NYPD, EMS and Port Authority Police that suffer career-ending injuries or death, including those affected by the terrorist attacks on 9/11, not covered by existing benefit programs."
The second thing I learned was that one of the firefighters in the photo,George Johnson, was also already known prior to 9/11 for another act of heroism, donating bone marrow. 
And here is a link to a 1997 press release about that.
And that prompted me to mention that Soldiers Angels  is requesting the nations help in a bone marrow drive for a Navy Seal
and there is more about Justin here 
While I was researching all this, I received an 'alert' for a new journal entry from another AOL journaler whose journal I enjoy reading, and she had some words about remembering 9/11 that I wanted to include here,also. 
I don't have a yard to fly the flag in on Sept.11,since I live in an apartment building, but I plan to have my post up for the 2,996 tribute that day honoring Jonathan Cappello, and I will be remembering all those who died that day in my prayers.  If you are part of the 2,996 tribute, another AOL journaler posted some additional helpful links for research that I wanted to pass on
I used her son's suggestion of trying and I,too, found some more information about the name I am honoring.Plus a few of the other links she suggested were also helpful. Thank you,Mandy!
As I've been researching the name I was assigned(and shedding some tears along the way) I have been contemplating how I wanted to handle posting my tribute. Naturally, I will post the tribute on Sept. 11, and I will also post a link to the main 2,996 blogroll,so that anyone can access all the tributes from this page. But I am also thinking that I should perhaps leave my tribute post up for the entire week of Sept. 11. I know for myself I want to take the time to read each of the tributes, and I believe I should devote more than just one day to doing that.
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