Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sunday 'Surfing'

It 's been awhile since I've done a 'surfing' post, but a new grandson in our family and the daily grind of work, and a child still in school, will do that to you, I suppose.

Today's 'surf' picture was actually taken on our 2003 Hawaiian vacation by my sister and brother-in-law , not by me. I may finally be running out of pictures to post,lol.

While I have been surfing the web myself in the past few days, I've bookmarked posts that I wanted to feature here when I finally had a chance to do so. So there's no particular 'theme' to all this, other than 'places you might want to check out."

 I'll begin with Bruce's Deployment to Afghanistan ,because he has his weekly post up, and his pictures are always great! (And not too long ago, Bruce had a picture of Himself featured on  DefenseLINK News Photos ,very cool:)

Keeping it in the AOL/J-Land 'family', Christy has a post up about an opportunity

and Unhappily Ever After, another Aol journaler, has important updates 
And via Willie at S-A International Goodwill Ambassador comes a link to this article in Stars and Stripes, about the brother of a passenger on Flight 93.  Brother of Flight 93 Passenger Collects Flags,Thanks Troops
A fellow Soldiers Angels member has a powerful post up about prayers for the troops  "Standing Outside the Fire...a prayer request for the troops" which is long...but worth the read.
Kat at Yikes! who is now ALSO a fellow Soldiers Angels member has a request up for prayers,too. 
And Half A World Away, after his post about a retired wrestler who visited the troops, has a post about a loss their unit has suffered. You can check them both out here 
(and I'm sure the family, and friends, and fellow soldiers who served with the fallen soldier, would welcome prayers on their behalf,too.)
Half a World Away also directed me to this link, with several pictorials on LSA Anaconda 
I've written a lot of letters to soldiers serving at Anaconda! So this was really cool to see, for me :)  And by the way, has info about the bases in Iraq  Click here: Iraq Facilities
Bear Creek Ledger has an update on the Camp Pendleton 8, which links to a article about them that I was going to pass along. 
Click here: Bear Creek Ledger » Pendleton 8 - NCIS’s use of Psychological Torture  These 8 men and their families are being remembered in our prayers, also.
And lastly, Noble Duty Milblogger Coalition (which used to be just plain 'A Soldiers Perspective")  sent me to two Marine combat artist's pages 
OK, 'Surf's Up!'
God keep watch over, and bless, our troops.


mmartinez07 said...

Hi Kathi,
Just popping in to say hi and to thank you for including my links in your journal. I've received several emails of people thanking me for the help on the 2,996 project and I'm hoping that everyone will be able to find enough info to follow thru with their tributes.
Hugs, Mandy~

lsk49rs said...

I just read some of the Chaplain's blog.  Thank you for posting that link.  And you are correct.  God always brings great good out of any evil - and war can be such a devastating evil.  The good?  At the very least?  Our prayer life has deepened.
Hang in there, darlin!

Leslie K.