Friday, September 22, 2006


While work is going to prevent me from attending, I apologize for not posting sooner that Sept.23-26 is SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND THEIR MISSION WEEKEND

There's lots of great stuff going on! (Darn it, I always miss everything! )
And while these are British Troops? Wanted to pass on that Blackfive had a post the other day on how to send messages of support to them 
As for my own 'angels work' ? I spent the other evening writing my weekly letter for the name I get from the Soldiers Angels Letter Writing Team  and then writing cards for the Soldiers Angels Cards Plus Team   I was somewhat intimidated writing one of the cards,lol, as it was going to a Major....yes, I know that Majors need to know that they are appreciated,too....but I am more accustomed to writing to young soldiers about the age of my two sons. I don't mind writing them about all the goofy things that go on in our lives, but I guess when I saw 'Major', I felt like I had to try and sound halfway intelligent? (Not sure how well I did with THAT? but the card was written and sent off.)
And then I wrote cards for the two weekly names I get from the Soldiers Angels Wounded TLC team. I discovered to my dismay after I had written the first card that the only cards I had left that would be appropriate to send were...PINK and FLOWERY. (The kind of cards that my sons say with horror "Oh,my gosh, aren't going to send THAT card to a soldier??")  It was too late in the evening and too near time for me to leave for work for me to consider getting any other cards. So, I clung to the hope that 'it's the thought that counts' and completed my flowery missive. (Trying not to imagine the scene that would ensue if one of my sons received such a card and the other one spied it,lol, and the good natured razzing that would take place "oh, that is SUCH a LOVELY card"...and hoping that the soldier who receives it is ALONE when he opens the card, and none of his buddies see it!)
And then I hopped on the Internet afterwards, and received the same sad news that Kat at Yikes! says she received here  
My heart goes out to this family, and particularly to the young widow facing motherhood soon. Please read the article Kat has posted, and if you feel led and are able, there is a link for something you can do to help the young woman at this time.  When I consider the joy we just experienced with the arrival of my grandson, and try to imagine what this family must be going through?....words fail me.
And so I am humbly grateful for the 'privilege of prayer', and the ability to turn this over to the One who can surround the family with His Grace, Strength, and 'peace that passes all understanding."

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