Friday, September 8, 2006

Congratulations,JP! and Tributes

First of all, Congratulations! to JP over at, on reaching 1500 milblogs in the database  
And while D.Challlenger Roe of the 2,996 project has told folks to go ahead and start posting their tributes now (and I'm going to link to a few I came across)
First of all I came across a tribute today to a soldier who died  on November 19,2004 
and I also came across a post by an Australian who is remembering Sept.11 
and another AOL blogger who is getting ready to post her tribute for 2,996, but also has a very nice 'thank you' to our military.  A Friend to the Brokenhearted
There's one gentleman who is having a terrible time trying to find information on the name he received to honor for 2,996, she has been referred to as the 'unknown soldier' of 9/11  
and a fellow Soldiers Angels member who has a post up remembering Sept. 11 overall 
and two folks I came across who have already posted their tributes
I'm continuing work on my own post, I have had a shall we say challenging? week at the job,and I hope to have it up over the weekend.
For the list of the participants in 2,996   Click here: 2,996 » List of Participants  and you can begin reading the tributes that are already being posted.
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