Saturday, September 30, 2006

A belated Congratulations:) and This and That

I'm late on this (as usual!) but fellow Soldiers Angel, and blogger extrordinaire,Holly Aho...finally welcomed her daughter to the world on Sept.27(after 4 sons!:) 
A belated Congratulations,Holly!!to you and your family.
And in other Soldiers Angels news...S-A International Goodwill Ambassador blog has now become Soldiers Angels Europe  (and I've changed that acoordingly in my blogroll)
I'm probably also late in announcing this,
but its time to start thinking about Christmas!
On a personal note, my son's fiancee decided to join Soldiers Angels and Adopt a soldier,YAY! (and wants me to co-adopt the soldier with her:)
While changing the blogroll, I also decided it was time to update it a little. The 2,996 Project has a new blog site  Click here: Project 2,996
and since that is now going to be an annual event, I wanted to put the new link up.
Then, military bloggers come and go, but someone who has stuck around after being redeployed, and who I first started reading a year ago, I think deserves a listing   Click here: Blog Machine City
I mentioned Vets for Freedom yesterday, and then thought 'Why aren't they on my blogroll?"  Click here: Vets For Freedom
I felt like I just HAD to add them,lol, particularly as their executive director,WadeZirkle, is from my very own state!!
and while their blog site is listed in my blogroll, their main site is here
Other additions are the blogger on the Washington Post site 
Two combat medics
(and that reminds me...yes, I did watch Baghdad ER last night. It was heart-rending and heart-warming at the same time. And while I got a little misty-eyed at various parts....I broke down completely at the end. If you haven't seen it,please consider it.Yes, you're probably going to cry,but you'll come away with awe for the job both the medical folks AND the soldiers on the frontlines are doing.)
Lastly, don't know why I haven't listed this before? Here's the main site for the Multi-National Force in Iraq 
And that's all for today. God bless our troops!

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josephinefs said...

Kathi Thank You for posting it!
I am proud to work with you together!
Love, Willie

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