Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Surfing

Ok, I'm finally out of Hawaii pictures,lol, I never anticipated when I started my 'surfing' posts that I'd eventually use all of them. while I suppose I could recycle them, I decided today I wanted to put up a picture of my favorite of the Great Lakes...Lake Superior

I grew up in Michigan...nowhere near Lake Superior,actually, we lived about an hour away from Lake Michigan (which I also liked a lot!:) But Superior has just always had a special place in my heart because of several Girl Scout trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan while growing up. And now I have family in MN, and so I've been to Superior on the Other side,like the picture above taken near Two Harbors,MN.

I'm  also a  lighthouse collector, I just love lighthouses, and when we visited with my family in 2004 (when the above picture was taken) we visited Split Rock Lighthouse  The best pic I have of that was taken by my non-blogging sister(see 2nd picture) They had lots of information there on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (which yes, I am old enough to recall when the wreck happened.)

To get on to 'places I have surfed recently' first off ,Soldiers Angels Network had a post about quilters 

and the other day when I was doing the blog search, I came across this article about a Soldiers Angel member   
CPL M over at a Soldiers Perspective is going to be leaving 
and in the 'it's a small world' category, in the news that was announced yesterday about the soldiers being extended 
my son's fiancee went to school with a soldier in that unit.(and I also know an 'angel' who has a soldier in the unit.) Since I also know someone whose husband is in the Alaskan unit that was extended? I wanted to ask for you to keep BOTH units of these soldiers who have had their tours extended in your prayers, and their families.
And if soldiers aren't extended,there are some who are on second deployments or possibly going on  third deployments.  Pete at Just Another Thunderhorse Roughneck had a post about the possibility of that for himself 
Elijah at Contact Right posted about a friend who's on a second deployment.  Click here: Contact Right...Taking Fire   (And I am awed by the fact that Elijah is still recovering at Walter Reed, and yet taking time to arrange care packages for his friend and the soldiers with him.)
For the end of the web surf? A Storm in Afghanistan had a must-see post  
Believe me, it's worth the download, to read the article he's talking about.
That's it for today,but tomorrow is the first post for the
 Wednesday Hero Blogroll, so please check back tomorrow.
God Bless Our Troops!
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trace7 said...

I guess I never knew that you love lighthouses.  Good to know.

PS - Your birthday gift which I bought in Hong Kong will be sent this Saturday :)

kasee267 said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks,Sis :)