Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bloggers who are Angels, and Angels who are Bloggers

What started this post was that I came across another Soldiers Angel member who has just started a blog  

Click here: A Soldiers Angel 

Having "no life", as my sons describe it,lol  (and I'm still trying to figure out exactly when they missed the 'kindness and tactfulness' lessons during child rearing) that just started me wondering what I would find if I did a Google blog search ?  (and no, Google doesn't pay me for all the gratuitous plugs I give them, I am just addicted to Google...I Google anything and everything at the drop of a hat....which reminds me, I need to check if the 12 step group for Google addiction has formed yet? Can you Google that,lol, or would that defeat the purpose of the group?) get back on track....I did the blog search, and found some interesting stuff that I want to pass on, in case someone else might find it interesting.

There are  bloggers who also happen to be members of Soldiers Angels,and blog sometimes about being a Soldiers Angel. And some of them might surprise you. I came across several folks who are very clearly against the war....but who also feel that they need to support the troops.

I don't know how y'all feel about that? But it was encouraging and refreshing,to see that people who are politically opposed to the war itself can recognize that the soldiers who are fighting that war deserve support..and then follow through on actually doing something about providing support,no matter what their politics.
Because I came across another blog in my search (and I won't post the link, I don't want to give her the traffic.....snarky of me, but it's my blog,lol, and I can do what I want...and I was distressed by her slamming of an organization that I have only had good experiences with.) where the blog author wrote a post saying she 'couldn't support an organization like Soldiers Angels" because when they sent her a letter asking for donations, she felt the wording was offensive because she felt it  presumed that she was 'for' the war.
Mostly, it was an excuse for her to go on a rant about her liberal views,and also for her to pat herself on the back for being an anti war liberal and trying to find a way to support the troops anyway.Since her 'support' seemed to have consisted of simply sending a check, and then being offended by the wording of a letter?  I wasn't too impressed with her.  But at least it led to me being even more impressed by finding a few others who  share her political views, but are actually doing something besides ranting and discouraging others.
I then came across an editor who touted Soldiers Angels as something postive for Writers to get involved in, if they want their writing to make a difference...just kind of an unusual twist... 
I came across an Angel blogger I've mentioned before, time to mention her again  
a blogging stay-at-home mom who also happens to be an angel 
and someone else who, like me, blogs primarily Because she's an Angel
Well, those are the results of my Google Blog search, for either Angels who blog, or Bloggers who also happen to be Angels.
Lastly, someone who has always been, IMHO, both an Angel (even before she joined Soldiers Angels) AND a Blogger.....Kat at Yikes! is starting her annual Christmas Card drive   OPERATION: LOVE FROM HOME
and you can find out all about that here 
Happy Monday:) and hope everyone has a good week!  God bless our troops!

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