Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Random Tuesday Ramblings

While putting together what I wanted to post this evening, I received 6 DOD news releases of casulaties, you can find them listed here 
When I think about the families and friends and fellow soldiers serving with the fallen soldier listed,  it moves me to be in prayer for all of them. And it also greatly saddens me, having sons who are 20 and 22, when the ages of the fallen are so close in age to my own, it's like a knife in your heart...to think,for a split second, of what life would be like without one of your own, and dimly imagine what it must be like for the family.
So please, remember all the family and friends of those listed today in your prayers tonight, if you would.(and thank you.)
I've said before, that I never realized one of the side effects of joining Soldiers Angels  and being a 'troop supporter', or of reading milblogs, would be an increase in my prayer life. But it's something that's evolved deeper and deeper as this past year has gone on.
I also never realized, when I became a troop supporter, that I would be surfing by places like the   International War Veteran's Poetry Archives
but because I had the privilege of 'meeting' online a Marine and poet named  Billy Dial , I became aware of places like the poetry archive. And so, after reading of the casualties tonight, I remembered a poem that Billy had written which seems appropriate to share tonight 
It also seems like there has been an increase in the 'blogosphere' lately for prayers for soldiers or their families,so I wanted to pass them on in case you hadn't seen them.
From A Soldier's Perspective, comes a prayer request for one of the contributors to that blog 
And from Kat at Yikes! comes this sad update 
And the news on A Storm in Afghanistan made me weep. 
But,thankfully, it seems that prayers and solace are also available on the web. The Online Chaplain is back posting, after his leave home, and I always feel like visiting his site is like taking a cool drink of water......he always seem to have such comforting words. 
and once again, thanks, to Kat at Yikes! I became aware of a new chaplain who's begun blogging  Click here: Combat Faith
I was actually going to do a kind of lighthearted post tonight in the beginning. I know I stress that you seldom hear back from those you write to, but I have been privileged to receive three pieces of 'free mail' as we call it in Soldiers Angels (since those in the military don't have to use stamps)this past week! One of them was an awesome 'thank you' postcard,from a soldier I had simply sent a post card to.....I am always humbled by people who write a 'thank you' for a post card with a few encouraging words. One was a hilarious thank you from a young soldier who reminded me EXACTLY of one of my sons.
And one was from a soldier who is just finishing her deployment, and who has been a member of Soldiers Angels herself!! How awesome is THAT?!! She wanted to support a fellow soldier during HER deployment  So, "L" here's wishing you safe home soon, and God bless you!
And if you're wondering what kind of difference a letter or care package makes to a soldier? A friend of mine, who by the way started a blog precisely because she wanted to participate in the 2,996 tribute 
sent me a link to a Military.com article awhile back that tells you exactly what kind of difference it makes.
And there is Good News out there. Once again via A Soldiers Perspective 
comes this link with good news about the troops 
And Willie the S-A International Goodwill Ambassador  in Germany, gives us this link to a 9/11 flag memorial  www.healingfield.org/salem
Lastly, Renee at  Deployed Family Support   has a  Wonderful  Cards Store! 
As for me, I need to go now to do some letter writing myself!  Hope everyone has a good week, and God bless our troops.

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