Thursday, September 14, 2006

ANGELS needed! and other news

Having a sinus infection, and being wrapped up in finishing up my part of the 2,996 project, has made me late in passing any of this on.

The call went out earlier in September, that angels were needed for over 600 Marines,and 200 soldiers, to be 'adopted.' (and if you can't adopt, always remember we have many other teams,you can write letters or send cards....possibilities are endless!) So,please,check out Soldiers Angels and consider getting involved.

And Laurie at Soldiers Angels New York is 'moving'...her blog,that is, you can find the new site here

(and I'll change it in the sidebar.)While I'm mentioning her, she had an update on a fundraiser done by the Patriot Guard Riders of western New York

there are some great pics! and they had a guest speaker I'd have LOVED to have gone to hear,Cpt. Ziegenfuss of From My Position...On the Way! who was also the catalyst for the Valour IT program being started, I had posted about that back in June 
and there's also a link to a nice video about Soldiers Angels projects from her post,the video is here
Click here: Soldiers' Angels New York on Squidoo  (and watching's short!:) generates money for Soldiers Angels...please watch?)
Lastly, one of the 'shining stars' in the troop support community,Kat at Yikes! had a post up to help a friend of hers who's been inspired to do a Halloween card drive  
As always, the thing I like about this card drive is if you don't have time to run out and get some cards,a support note, or whatever, to the email address listed, and it will be printed out and sent. How easy is that!
.Well, need to start my day...thanks for stopping by, and God bless our troops!

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