Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Web Surfing

Here's a link to a video I wanted to share, about a totally awesome member of Soldiers Angels

And there are some situations almost too heartbreaking to describe. I've mentioned A Storm in Afghanistan before, and today via ArmyWifeToddlerMom  was alerted to stop by there again. There's a fundraiser being started to help this young mother be with her family, and word is slowly starting to spread on the Internet. Please pause to remember this family in your prayers, give if you can, and please spread the word. (and there is an address to send cards and words of encouragement,if you'd like to do that,also.)
Reading that led me to check in on some of the recovering soldier's sites that I've listed here before, and I discovered there is  a card shower being planned for  Eric Edmundsen  
There's an encouraging update on Kevin Downs here 
And another family that could use encouraging words and prayers is the family of  Ben Hardgrove
We here at my place have already been in 'prayer battle mode' this weekend, as the new grandson spent Friday night in the hospital with an ear infection/respiratory infection. He came home yesterday,and seems to be on the mend, but it sure shook the new parents up,as you can imagine.(Ok, and 'Grandma' was a little nervous,too, the little guy is only 3 weeks old.)
The above pic is from a 2004 visit to family in MN, we went to a beautiful place called Gooseberry Falls.(Yep, I think I've finally run out of Hawaii pics,lol.) It just seemed like a nice,quiet place to sit and reflect on this Sunday, so I wanted to share it.



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