Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just Checking in....

Taking a quick moment to pass on the word about a new blog for military spouses.......Click here: SpouseBUZZ   

 (that I was alerted to via  Milblogging.com ,your one-stop-shop for all things to do with milblogs.)

And Soldiers Angels Network has several essays posted about what it's like to support our troops, from a contest they recently had.

I was also surfing through some of the blogs listed on my sidebar,just 'checking in' to see how things were going,and found a humorous comparison of life over 'there' and back 'here' on  Chris's Blog  
I'm sure there's all kinds of things going on in the 'blogosphere' that I've missed,but I was just making a quick stop to say 'hello' (to all 5 ? of my readers,lol, Hi,Mom!) as I had Monday off and am now starting back to a busy week.
Hope everyone's week goes well !   God bless our troops.

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