Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey,It's "BE AN ANGEL" Day!

Woke up this morning (first day of high school for my daughter, I was giving her a ride to school:) and found out from this
that today is "Be an Angel" day!!  Who knew?
So, naturally, I turned to Google ,LOL, and I found this 
and then this 

BE AN ANGEL DAY is a non-profit, non-denominational event celebrated annually on AUGUST 22. This is a day on which people around the world are encouraged to be like the angels - God's selfless servants - and 'do one small act of service for someone; be a blessing in someone's life.' The 1st Annual BE AN ANGEL DAY was celebrated August 22, 1993.
Now, you just KNOW that I'm going to take this holiday I newly discovered to once again tout   Soldiers Angels  
If you're looking for a way that you could "be a blessing in someone's life"?  Why not consider becoming an Angel EVERY day?  I know I keep 'harping' (pun intended,lol) on what becoming a member of Soldiers Angels has added to my life....but it's also a way for you to bless a total stranger's life.
And you know, you're going to find yourself 'blessed' in return...in so many unexpected ways. 
I know I've repeated over and over, when talking about my "Angels Work"
that it's rare to receive a reply to letters I've written to soldiers.
But boy! when you DO receive that rare reply, it always seems to be a doozy!
I'm specifically thinking of a letter I received awhile back that reduced me to humbled tears.  This soldier had lost my original letter to him during a move that his unit made, and when he came across it again,sent me a letter APOLOGIZING to ME, for taking so long to reply!!  (And I ALWAYS stress in my letters, for either the Letter Writing Team  or the Cards Plus team, that a reply is neither EXPECTED or REQUIRED)   So, this soldier "had me at 'I want to apologize' " 
("You had me at 'hello.'" Jerry Maguire (1996)
The soldier then went on to write....."All is well for me in Iraq. It has been crazy hot. Today it was 113 degrees.I was flying and the air felt like a hair dryer blowing in your face. We got back to base.....I was so hot and we were so worn out by then. We returned to the barracks,and we had no power no lights, no hot water, and no a/c. ......so, I'm sitting in my room, with my flashlight, catching up on mail."
And that's the part when I got tears in my eyes, that last line. When I sit down to write a letter, I'm usually sitting on my couch in my air- conditioned living room, with the TV going because someone else is usually watching it, and possibly someone else in the house sitting over across the room on the computer.
And here is a total stranger that I wrote a letter to, on the other side of the world, sitting in 113 degree heat in a dark barracks  and using a FLASHLIGHT to write me a reply?
I think I know who the REAL "Angel" is, in that story!(God bless you, Scott!)
And that's why, today on "Be An Angel" day, I wanted to share this story of an Angel that I came across. And then urge you all to consider being an Angel for a soldier yourself.
By the way, if you ARE thinking of becoming a Soldiers Angel ? There's a fellow member who has just started a blog, and has posted 3 of the letters she writes to soldiers.....go check it out, it's AWESOME!!!
Have a great "BE AN ANGEL" day!!!
God bless our troops!
UPDATE   Yay! Another Soldiers Angel member got listed in the TOP
Her entry is the 2nd one  
(And, to put it all together, which it took me till now to do!lol. Because I work nights and sleep during the day.....the angel who got second place above is the SAME angel that does pottery, and I've mentioned her website here before     


stevietwain said...

You're an angel everyday sweets! *hugs*

Lv Stevie

kasee267 said...

Stevie   It's comments you leave like that, that are the reason you are so LOVED:)


lsk49rs said...

I am not only going to do my best to be an angel, I am going to ASK my GUARDIAN ANGEL to work overtime today to protect our men and women in combat......Love, LSK