Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Attention! All Coffee Lovers,Coffee Drinkers, Troop Supporters!

Now THIS is a contest I can get behind,LOL, as a die-hard caffeine-addict.

My fellow troop supporter,friend, and fellow member of the 'Crackhead Hausfrau Network" of JP-supporters, SK, alerted me to this posting on the Anysoldier forums

Click here: Forum.AnySoldier.com - PROUD SOLDIER in COFFEE contest and WANTS to win for UNIT help

and this is where you go to vote

Here's some more about the contest

Weekly Contests
Each week, we’ll feature stories written by you, and let people vote for their favorite. The story that receives the most votes wins a coffee travel system and a stainless steel coffee press! Because now that you’ve found Simply Smooth, we want to make sure you can enjoy it wherever you go.

Multiple Chances to Win
Grand Prize: Two-year supply of Folgers Simply Smooth (awarded in 24 product coupons) and $2,000 cash. Nine Weekly Prizes: Coffee travel system and stainless steel coffee press

We’ll have nine weekly entry periods. Once you submit a story, you’re in. There's no need to resubmit each week. Limit one weekly prize per family/household.

One Ultimate Grand Prize
In week 10, we’ll post the nine weekly winners, and let the public vote for their all-time favorite Lost & Found story. The story that gets the most votes wins a two-year supply of Folgers Simply Smooth (awarded in 24 product coupons) and $2,000, so the winner can enjoy a second cup for years to come.


So, what are you waiting for?  Take another gulp of your coffee, and then click on over to vote! :)

And please spread the word!



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