Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Bad Voodoo Platoon T-Shirts are Here! :)

Hopefully, you've been by  lately ? and seen that JP is blogging about his deployment.

Like  Introducing Me and My Milblog

and  A Story by One of My Supporters

He's also promoting the blogs of other members of   Bad Voodoo Platoon

Click Here  Bad Voodoo Military Bloggers

I was by the milblog of the most excellent Toby  yesterday  

 Click here: Northern Disclosure

and I noticed that......the T-Shirts are Here! :) Yay!

Click here: Bad Voodoo Platoon :

I also went by Spc. Jones blog  Click here: West Coast Notorious

and found out he's also in a band called   Counterstep 

I checked them out, and most particularly liked the song "One Below Zero" much, that I added it as my profile song on  my MySpace page

(and I also saw on the Counterstep blog on MySpace that they have some of their songs featured via video over at GX Online  Click here: GX Online - Gear Up   )

Another Bad Voodoo milblogger worth checking out is

Ranger Sid

I'm sure I'll be mentioning these guys more in the next year :) Because of JP, they all hold a special place in my heart.

And now......I'm off to order my shirt!! :)

(The money goes into a platoon fund, to help out with special needs within the platoon.)



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