Friday, July 20, 2007

Attention,Bloggers! Project 2,996 for 2007

Notice has been posted on the 2,996 Blog that a scaled-down version of Project 2,996- in remembrance of the victims of Sept.11- will take place this year.

To repeat the pertinent details, D. Challenger Roe has  
posted a list of all 2,996 Victims. This year there is no signing up.

1a. Just go to the page and pick a name.


1b. Take a look at the top of the sidebar on the 2,996 blog and take the name in the “One of the Fallen” box as your assigned name. This box will show a new name each time the page is loaded.


1c. Choose the same name you had last year. Just remember, you should look for new information and write a new post. These people deserve at least that much from us.

2. Then research that name and post a tribute to your blog on 9/11/2007.

3. A few days before 9/11/2007 D. Challenger Roe will put a page up that will allow everyone to leave links to their tributes.

4. In the meantime you can join the Project 2,996 Forum, for research help, or just to talk with others about Project 2,996.

You may remember the 2,996 project from last year? And here is the page listing the tributes from then.
The list for THIS year is, again, located here
for you to pick out a name, and it's broken down by the place where the victim perished, and then alphabetically by the victim's full name.
I plan on participating in the 2,996 project again this year, and I hope you will consider doing the same.
I have kept the names I wrote tributes to last year on the sidebar here in the blog, and I still receive notifications from the pages for some of those names.  They are three people I will always think of when I think of 9/11. 
 The sheer number of victims seems so overwhelming, but I found when doing my research last year, that when you focus on just one name to learn about, and try to honor and remember, it seems to remain in your heart and mind.
(In my own case, I ended up doing two extra tributes last year at the last minute, to try and help many others who were doing the same to ensure that every victim was remembered.Those links remain on the sidebar of this blog.)
 Sadly, last year there were still about 359 people who never received a tribute written to remember and honor them.UPDATE And if you'd like to know who they were? they are listed in Blue on this year's list.
In choosing someone to honor this coming year from this year's list?
It just so happened that, when I checked last year's list, I had chosen someone who did not have a tribute written to them last year.
D Challenger Roe has plans to keep the 2,996 Project ongoing, as you'll see on the blog post announcing this year's Project 
So I wanted to pass this on, for all of you who may want to participate.


fisherkristina said...

Thanks for letting us know about this.  I am going to remember somebody in my journal, b/c these men and women deserve it.  Thanks for getting the word out.


bgilmore725 said...

Yes, Kathi, I wrote a tribute last September for John Frederick Rhodes, Jr. I keep a link to that entry always in my sidebar. I would like to write more about him, but I was having such a hard time finding information... is there a certain place one can go to that provides more information on a person than other places? Here is the entry I wrote about him.

Thanks for the update... I didn't know they were going to do it again. Bea

kasee267 said...

I'll email you this also, but wanted to say that this link

lists some resources that were posted last year for research purposes.

I hope this helps!