Sunday, July 15, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

Welcome to this week's edition (which I really should have posted LAST week,LOL) of  Soldiers Angels Web Surfing, where I 'surf' the web for various mentions of and by   Soldiers Angels

I'll start out with this post, from Angel friend  Lisa-in-DC

And here is a 'new' (to me) post from someone who has been an Angel for awhile,but I've somehow missed her blog up till now
Another 'new to me' blogging Angel
"Christmas in July". Soldiers Angels Network blog puts out the call here
Laurie passes on news about a "Ride to Remember"
and Kat-in-Missouri continues her series on "Why I Became an Angel"
This is by no means a definitive listing of everything  Soldiers Angels  that is out there, I just try to feature posts and blogs that I hope might be of interest to people (mostly results culled from web searches with Google and Technorati, in case you were wondering,...or even if you weren't wondering,lol, about the inner workings of my blogging:)
For more  Soldiers Angels  news and blogs?  you can always check out my work-in-progress listing of  " Blogs By Members of Soldiers Angels ", or go by the
Soldiers Angels website
or the Soldiers Angels forums
 (you have to be a registered member of Soldiers Angels to sign up for the forums, but the news postings are readable by the public.)
Lastly, because I'm always excited to see people mentioning Soldiers Angels :)  I want to give a belated shout-out and Thank You to friend Robin of   Random Threads , who was recently chosen as a top 5 "Rockin Girl Blogger" (Congrats! Robin, you Do 'rock':) and went on in her own post about 'Rockin Girls' to pick This blog as one of the ones She recommends.
Because of her post, I've had several new readers stop by....Welcome! to them, and again, a big Thank You to Robin!!
That's all for today, hope you enjoy the 'surf' :)

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