Friday, July 6, 2007

Want to Help Send a Care Package?

Someone I know is collecting items to send to a group of deployed soldiers, and I'm trying to help spread the word.

This is going to be  a 'joke box', so here is a list of some of the items being requested.

1. Beef Jerky

2. 'Word Find' paperbacks

3.  Really OLD magazines (circa 1980 would be awesome, if not possible? any magazine that you think a soldier would find completely Useless,lol. I'll be including the 'American Girl' Summer Fun issue in the items I'm sending, if that helps you out with ideas.)

4. More Beef Jerky (the number one item being asked for)

I can't say too much more, as the person sending this is attempting to keep it a surprise...but trust me, LOL, this will bring some smiles to a lot of soldier's faces.

The box is going to be sent out in August, and if you want the mailing address of Where To Send, just send me an email at  (with 'Joke Care Package' in the subject line) and I'll pass along the address of the person who is collecting these items.


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