Monday, July 2, 2007

Don't Worry....You can Still Write Letters!

Awhile back, I included a link in a Soldiers Angels Web Surfing post about the new Eligibility Requirements for the Letter Writing Team, without editorial comment.

Here's a link once again to the new requirements

Click here: Soldiers Angels Network: New Eligibility Requirements Effective Today For Joining the Soldiers' Angels "Letter Wri

and,after doing some checking, I just wanted to reassure everyone...Don't Worry, You can STILL write letters....and letters are actually needed!

Via Patti, she says she can always use letters to be included in the backpacks for the Wounded

Click here: Soldiers' Angels - Backpacks for the Wounded

and she says send those letters to:

Dear Wounded Hero

c/o Soldiers Angels
914 Tourmaline Dr
Newbury Park, Ca 91320
Patti says letters can also be used to be sent out in the Vet packs 
or in the  Cool Packs
or in the  Welcome Packs.
As you know, I became a member of  Soldiers Angels by joining the Letter Writing Team about 2 years ago.   While these new requirements mean it is no longer possible to join the Letter Writing Team when you are a new member?  You can STILL join one of the many other Teams at Soldiers Angels to send cards or notes.
If you're interested in writing to the troops?  Two of the Teams that offer possible ways to do that are:
It is possible to join Any of the Teams besides the Letter Writing Team at Soldiers Angels, without signing up to adopt a soldier (if that is not an option)  All you need to do is pick the Team you'd like to join, and submit your application for approval.  Once you are approved, you're a member of that Team.
My understanding of the new regulations as regards the Letter Writing Team, is that for a myriad of reasons, it was decided to open that Team only to Angels who had already been committed to an 'adopted' soldier, or committed to another Team, for 6 ensure that those who want to be on the Letter Writing Team will be committed to writing those extra letters.
This has no effect on those Angels who are already ON the Letter Writing Team (like myself)....this is only for new people joining Soldiers Angels. 
Speaking of Angels already on the LWT?  I wanted to point out that these folks come from all over the World.  Like my new Angel friend in Australia
who writes letters to US troops because it's not possible for her to write to the Australian troops, due to their rules and regulations. 
The Canadian Angels also had the same problem, with it not being possible for them to do a one to one pairing of Angels with Canadian soldiers, but they have found a way to still support the many troops fighting the War on Terror
So, I just wanted to reassure anyone who is considering joining Soldiers Angels, that the new Letter Writing Team requirements are NOT meant to be restrictive.  And that there are still many ways, as a member of Soldiers Angels, that you can write to the troops.
If you are interested solely in writing letters to the troops? and Not interested in joining Soldiers Angels in order to do so?
There is  ,another fine troop support site.
So, there are still Plenty of ways to support the Troops:)  And whether it's through Soldiers Angels or another troop support site?
I hope you'll please consider doing what you can, to support them!

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